Roman Provence

Arles, the Pont du Gard, Nimes & Glanum-Saint Remy de Provence

Visitors to Provence are amazed by the vast collection of well preserved Roman monuments which are to be found here.

Provence was in fact the first area in France to be colonised by the Romans during the 1st century BC. The Romans called their new territory Gaul, and the primitive inhabitants, the Gauls. They built major cities and towns, and the Roman city of Arles, on the banks of the Rhone, was an important port of trade.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArles is an absolute must visit for anyone coming to Provence.  This vibrant city has many outstanding Roman monuments to remind us of its past.  The Roman arena, which is still in use today, has been beautifully restored; there are the remains of the Antique Theatre, and underground tunnels beneath the Roman Forum, Roman Baths from the 4th c, and a Roman cemetery.  The Roman antiques museum in Arles is also a must visit!  The museum has on display an absolute treasure trove of beautiful Roman sculptures and  remnants of the former Roman colony of Arles, as well as an exciting new exhibition of a Gallo-Roman barge, which was pulled from the Rhone river and painstakingly preserved in 2011.

Perhaps the most impressive Roman site in all of France is the Pont du Gard, which is just a 30 minutes drive, north of Avignon. This fascinating aqueduct is a technical and artistic masterpiece, built in the 1st century by the Roman Emperor Agustus, and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.  The Pont du Gard has been beautifully preserved and is surrounded by 407 hectares of protected national parc land, with the river Gardon flowing below its arches.  There is a fantastic museum on the site which is entirely dedicated to the Pont du Gard, with displays as to how the aqueduct was built and Roman ingenuity in hyrdaulic engineering. This is also a wonderful place for a picnic and a dip in the river on a hot summer day.


The Pont du Gard

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Half Day Roman ProvenceTour  250€ (up to 4 persons) Choose between visiting a number of different Roman sites: Arles, visit the museum and enjoy a walking tour of the city center, or spend the morning at the Pont du Gard, or visit Glanum and other historical sites in Saint Remy de Provence.

Full Day Roman Provence Tour – 375€ (up to 4 persons) Spend the day visiting Roman sites beginning in Arles at the Roman Antiques museum.  Then on to a 2 hour walking tour of Arles, where we visit numerous Roman and Medieval period monuments.  After lunch in a cafe or bistro we are off to the Pont du Gard for the afternoon, and finish with a brief stop in Nimes at the Maison Carrée. Optional lunch in Arles at a café or bistro, or enjoy a picnic in the park at the Pont du Gard.

Tour price includes: pick up and drop off at your hotel (within 30 min radius of Saint Remy de Provence or Avignon) Chauffeur driven by your guide in a private new model vehicle, as well as museum entrance fees and parking.

Lunch is not included.

Nimes – La Maison Carre
An exquisite Roman temple from 16BC, in the center of Nimes.

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Saint Remy de Provence – Glanum, a hellenistic then Roman settlement dating from the 6th century BC. 
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